Find a Procurement Technical Assistance Center

More than 300 local PTAC offices serve most areas of the country.   If there is not a PTAC office that serves your specific area area, contact one that is nearest to you, and they may be able to help you. Most PTACs can also provide assistance via phone, e-mail, and webcall in cases where distance presents a challenge.

Louisiana PTAC

Statewide PTAC
University of Louisiana
PO Box 44172
537 Cajundome Blvd. Suite 232
Lafayette, LA 70504-4172
(337) 482-6422
Sherrie Mullins, CCAS
Program Manager
Phone: (337) 482-6422
Email Address:
V. Roy Paul
Government Contracting Counselor
Phone: (337)433-3632 1219
Email Address:
Eileen Lodge
Procurement Counselor
Phone: (504) 875-3949
Email Address:
Dianna Romero
Administrative Staff
Phone: (337) 482-1214
Email Address:
Jane Kulick
Procurement Counselor
*Certified VA Verification Counselor
Phone: (337) 482-6365
Email Address:
Peggy Sammons, CA
Administrative Staff
Phone: (337) 482-6422
Email Address:
Cindy Carrier, CCAS
Procurement Counselor
Phone: (337) 482-6422
Email Address:

NW Louisiana Procurement Technical Assistance Center

10 Parishes of northwest Louisiana

Regional PTAC - Headquarters
400 Edwards Street
Shreveport, LA 71101
(318) 677-2532
Jeffrey Ulrich
Interim Program Manager
Phone: (318) 677-2519
Jen Whittington, CAS, CPP, CVE
Procurement Counselor, CVE Certified Verification Counselor VA
Phone: (318) 677-2530