Find a Procurement Technical Assistance Center

More than 300 local PTAC offices serve most areas of the country.   If there is not a PTAC office that serves your specific area area, contact one that is nearest to you, and they may be able to help you. Most PTACs can also provide assistance via phone, e-mail, and webcall in cases where distance presents a challenge.

Minnesota PTAC

Statewide PTAC
250 2nd Ave. South
Suite 106
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 259-6565
Bob Crowther
Metro Area Manager
Phone: (612) 259-6585
Email Address:
Mark Cooper, CA
Metro Area Manager
Phone: (612) 259-6565
Email Address:
Daniel Holmquist
Director Finance & Administration
Phone: (612) 259-6572
Email Address:
Stephany Osuji
Marketing Coordinator
Phone: (612) 259-6580
Email Address:
Jamara Cheek
Area Manager
Phone: (612) 259-6588
Email Address:
Christina Nebel-Dickerson, CCAS
Phone: (612) 259-6583
Email Address:
Central Minnesota
St. Cloud, MN
(612) 259-6583
Northern Minnesota
(218) 689-9847
Arlette Abrahamson, ACAS
Northern MN Area Manager
Phone: (218) 689-9847
Email Address:
Southeastern Minnesota
(612) 259-6586
John Kilian, ACAS
Southeastern MN Area Manager
Phone: (612) 259-6586
Email Address:
Southwestern Minnesota
Vernon Center, MN
(507) 549-3193
Patricia Dotter
Southwestern MN Area Manager
Phone: (507) 549-3193
Email Address: