Federal Contractor Certification (FCC) – VOSB Contractor Training

Federal Contractor Certification (FCC) –
Veteran owned small business (VOSB) Contractor Training


The Federal Contractor Certification is a VOSB contractor training program for Veteran business owners intended to help them understand Federal contracting, respond competently to solicitations and perform successfully once they have won the contract.  This is a joint project of the VA Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) and the Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (APTAC) with the assistance of the Defense Acquisition University (DAU).  Most course modules are offered through DAU at no cost to the Veteran or VA.The program consists of four levels of certification, each with a different color of logo to represent successful completion of that level.  Each successive level is built upon completion of all previous levels, so a company displaying the gold logo will have completed all four levels of the certification.To take part in this training, contact the nearest participating Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) and register with a counselor.  The counselor will interview the owner to determine eligibility for the program.  This program is aimed at established businesses who wish to participate in Federal contracting and have a basic knowledge of prerequisites such as Federal database registrations and other topics as determined by the counselor.Once registered with the PTAC counselor, the owners will take the course modules at their own pace and present the completion certificates to their counselor.  When all topics in the level have been completed, the owner will be eligible to take the comprehensive level exam at the center.  There will be a minimum number of questions from each topic that need to be passed in order to pass the exam.  Owners passing the exam will be presented with a lapel pin, logo and certificate to advertise this capability.

This program does not guarantee any contracts.  It gives small business owners another tool in preparing a winning proposal and performing well on a contract award.


 Participating PTACs/Counselors

* denotes Level 2 qualified, ** Level 3 qualified, ***Level 4 qualified
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Alabama PTAC
Mary Jane Fleming 

Arizona – United Indians Dev Assoc (UIDA) PTAC
Cynthia Jarvison*

Arkansas PTAC
Max Franks**

Monterey Bay PTAC (CA)
Jeff Cuskey*** (Services)

Riverside Community College PTAC (CA)
Julie Ann Padilla
Scott Rice

San Diego PTAC (CA)
Trisha Ferrand
Ken Adam

Colorado PTAC
Tom Thompson***(Services, IT)
Dennis Casey***(Services)

Connecticut PTAC
Lisa Wood*** (Services, Manufacturing)
Nicole Melville**
Joan Stanley
Debbie Smith
Charles Loya

Delaware PTAC
Juanita Beauford**
Thelma Gabrielson*
Dave Baldini**

UIDA American Indian PTAC  (GA)
Barbara Williams**

Boris Hertslet***(Manufacturing)
Darroll Wiltz*
- Katherine Sablan

Idaho PTAC
Gary Moore***(Manufacturing, Services, IT)
Lee Velten***(Manufacturing, Services, IT)

Illinois PTAC
Rita Haake, Glen Ellen
Mary Turner, Quincy
Marc Violante, Grayslake
Ann Johns,* Rockford

Gordon Bonnes, * Malvern/Council Bluffs
Julie Fagle, Cedar Rapids/Marion
Andy Alexander*** (Manufacturing, Services)

Kansas PTAC
Scott Knapp*** (Manufacturing)

Downriver Community Conference PTAC, Detroit, MI
Deana Vitale**

Macomb Regional PTAC, MI
Beth Cryderman-Moss*
Mark Ignash*** (Manufacturing)

NW Michigan Council of Gov’ts PTAC, Saginaw, MI
Sarah Straight

Minnesota PTAC
Sherri Komrosky
- Arlette Abrahamson**

Missouri PTAC
Bill Stuby

Montana PTAC
Paulette Drozda*

Nebraska PTAC 
Jason Bousquet, **  Lincoln
Mary Graff*** (Services, Manufacturing), Omaha
Julie Wilhelm*** (Manufacturing), Auburn
Roger Johnson*, Omaha
- Chuck Beck, Kearney
Alex Wood*, Wayne

Nevada PTAC
Steve Yates*** (Manufacturing)

New Hampshire PTAC
Dave Pease**

North Country PTAC (Watertown, NY)
Stephen Barr**

North Carolina PTAC
**Please note – the NC PTAC can serve ONLY businesses located within North Carolina
Mark Mills**, Raleigh
George Griffin*** (Manufacturing), Greensboro
Rebecca Barbour**, Raleigh
Terry Stroud*, Fayettesville
Ariana Billingsley*** (Services), Greenville

State of Ohio PTAC
Shanda Harris, Ohio University
Rich Delisio, Ohio University

Southern Ohio Procurement Outreach Center
Hayward Chappell
Rodney Young** 

Oklahoma PTAC
Judy Warren

Oregon PTAC
Marta Clifford**
Carroll Bernard

NW Pennsylvania PTAC
Cris Pierce*** (Manufacturing, Services, IT)
Robyn Young*
- Melissa Becker

Southern Alleghenies Planning & Dev Commission PTAC (Altoona, PA)
James Gerraughty*** (Manufacturing, Services, IT)
Brandon Peters*
Laurie Lentz, Towanda

Puerto Rico PTAC
Marjuli David Mateo*** (Manufacturing)

Tennessee PTAC
Joseph Flynn**

Contract Opportunities Center PTAC (El Paso, TX)
Pablo Armendariz*
Julie Suarez

Del Mar College PTAC (Corpus Christi, TX)
- Robert Mirabal**

University of Houston (TX)
Ron Marta
Bob Warren*** (Manufacturing)

University of Texas at San Antonio SBDC PTAC
- Susannah Munro

Crater Procurement Assistance Center (VA)
Joanne Tompkins*,
Lisa Parks

George Mason University PTAC (VA)
Tom Miglas, Charlottesville
Linda Owens, Hampton Roads

Vermont PTAC
Brenda Plastridge*

Washington State PTAC
Tiffany Scroggs
Darrell Sundell*** (Manufacturing)

Wisconsin PTAC
Christine Gruneberg



Level_1_Logo_ (2)Level 1  consisting of 10 topcs, covers the Basic Understanding of Federal Contracting.





Logo_for_Level_2 (2)Level 2 covers more complicated topics like Teaming, Joint Ventures and Legal Issues.





Logo_for_Level_3 (2)Level 3 covers Special Certifications, Large Contract Vehicles and Advanced Issues.





Logo_for_FCC_Level_4 (2)Level 4 is industry specific (Manufacturing, IT, Services) to learn the issues, regulations or policies that are unique to that industry.






FCC Certificate Holders


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