Monthly Archives: August 2014

Subcontracting Opportunities and How to Find Them

By Beth White, Iowa PTAC Did you know that locating and securing subcontracting opportunities can be just as, if not more valuable, than receiving direct contract awards? It is also a great initial step to more direct opportunities with the … Continued

Pricing Matters – Percentage of Profit?

By Ronald Marta, University of Houston PTAC What profit percentage should I use for my bids for government contracts? It is well to begin by recalling the government’s position on profit. Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 15.404-4 states: “It is in … Continued

What is a National Stock Number (NSN)?

By Gordon Bonnes, Iowa PTAC Do you know what a National Stock Number (NSN) is? It’s a part number for a Department of Defense item that they buy a lot of. To understand it, let’s starts with a solicitation, and … Continued

Registrations and Government Contracting

By Pam Russenberger, Iowa PTAC Did you know there are different registrations required for government contracting? If you have been pursuing business in the government sector, this comes as no surprise to you. Registrations serve many purposes for both you … Continued