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New SAM Registration Requirements

*****UPDATE 10-1-2021: From FSD.Gov website.  New Templates can be found here

There are new registration and renewal procedures now in place.  Because of recent fraudulent activity associated with the SAM database, in late March the General Services Administration (GSA) implemented a requirement that all registrants (“entities”) provide an original, signed notarized letter identifying the company’s “authorized Entity Administrator.”   The notarized letter currently must be submitted and approved before a registration can be activated.

A template for the notarized letter is available here: SAM_Notary_Letter_Template_4.12.18_GSA_version

An update to the notarized letter rule was issued by GSA on June 11, 2018.  The update is in two parts:

  1. Effective June 11, 2018, entities who create or update their registration in SAM to apply only for federal assistance opportunities such as grants, loans, and other financial assistance programs  no longer need to have an approved Entity Administrator notarized letter on file before their registration is activated.  (Note that this does not include entities competing for federal contracts.)
  2. Effective June 29, 2018, all non-Federal entities who create or update their registration in SAM also will no longer need to have an approved Entity Administrator notarized letter on file before their registration is activated.  This rule includes businesses that are competing for, or that currently have, federal contracts.

It is important to note that all entities must mail the original, signed notarized letter to GSA’s Federal Service Desk within thirty (30) days of activation or risk having their SAM registration deactivated. 

New SAM Log-In Requirements Take Effect June 29, 2018

GSA is also implementing a new login process for SAM which takes effect on June 29, 2018.  As a result of the new process, all users attempting to log in to SAM on or after June 29, 2018 will be automatically directed to create a user account.  Your current SAM username and password will no longer work beginning on June 29th, and you will be unable to access your SAM account until you have created a account.

In order to create a account, you will need each of the following:

  1. The email address and password associated with your SAM account.
  2. Access to the same email account to receive all confirmation emails.
  3. A working telephone number through which you can receive the security code that will be sent to you from

Remember, once June 29, 2018 arrives, your SAM username and password will be deactivated, and you will no longer be able to access your SAM account with those credentials.

Free Help Is Available!

As mentioned above, your local PTAC can help you with all aspects of the SAM registration and renewal processes.  Simply contact the PTAC counselor located nearest you.  Click here to view our Find-a-PTAC Directory

In instances where businesses have federal contract awards or contract payments pending, PTACs across the country can offer special assistance to expedite the processing of their notarized letters.  When contacting your PTAC counselor, be sure to let them know if you are facing either of those two circumstances.

Remember: There is NEVER a fee to register as a government contractor. Repeat – there is NEVER a fee to register as a government contractor. And PTACs are available with free and low-cost help available to get you through the process

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