18F Created a Testing Ground of a New Standard for Federal Procurement

Say goodbye to 100 page RFPs – 18F found another way

18F created a testing ground of a new standard for federal procurement.  If successful, companies will not have to rely on massive RFP’s to win contracts.
Source: FederalTimes, Article written by Aaron Boyd, published July 27, 2015
The sprint is over and companies that competed for a slot on 18F’s Agile BPA are lauding what they hope will become a new standard for federal procurement.
In looking for companies to provide agile development services, the innovative arm of the General Services Administration opted for a ‘show, don’t tell’ approach to the solicitation process. Rather than ask companies for reams of paper promising agile capabilities, 18F set up a proving ground: a two-week test sprint where the only real measurement of success was a working product.
“I certainly hope that this is a new way to do [procurements] going forward,” said Joe Truppo, senior manager at Octo Consulting. “Instead of us delivering 40 pages saying what we could do, we actually got a chance to show them what we could do.”  MORE…
This test created a fast turnaround that companies did like.  Companies will need to adjust by presenting a polished, working product – proving they can deliver the goods.


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