Can perception issues affect federal contracting?

Does perception matter? In federal contracting, it does.

Perception is reality, even in federal contracting.  At the National Contract Management Association’s World Congress, a panel discussed how perception may or may not influence federal contracting.
Source: FederalTimes, Article written by Jill R. Aitoro, published July 29, 2015
Perception is a funny thing. Most would agree that it’s based less on reality and more on assumptions – on believing what we’re told, on placing too much weight on one, often isolated situation, circumstance, or moment in time. And yet it persists. And it’s incredibly persuasive.
And no, the fact that perception is often shaped by media is not lost on me. As both a producer and consumer of news, I recognize the responsibility placed upon journalists, fair or not, to dictate how an event, an issue, or an entire industry should be regarded.  It’s precisely why, in fact, I was fortunate enough to talk about how perception may or may not influence how federal contracting functions at the National Contract Management Association’s World Congress. MORE…
Perception can hamper progress as was discussed by this panel.  Government needs to work on perception issues to improve the federal contracting process.


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