Contracts Attorney Discussions with Steven Koprince – Part 1

May 10, 2016

Why You Need a Great Government Contracts Attorney: A Discussion with Steven Koprince – Part I

Source: GovBizConnect, Shannon, March 22, 2016

When you’re a small government contractor, some business activities you can bootstrap and some you can’t. One area where you can’t afford to skimp on is legal counsel. At its core, contracting with the federal government is a complex legal exercise with its own vernacular, laws, and regulations. Large federal contractors have Law Departments dedicated to negotiating, drafting, executing contracts and managing legal risk. While small government contractors don’t require dedicated Law Departments, they do require a great attorney with expertise in government contracts.

We recently had the opportunity to connect with Steven Koprince, Managing Partner of Koprince Law, LLC, a law firm specializing in small government contractors, and publisher of the very popular government contracting blog, SmallGovCon. Steven is a major thought leader in the government contracting community. This is Part I of our discussion with him.

GovBizConnect: The founders of many small government contractors are subject matter experts in their respective field or discipline but they are generally not attorneys. Why is it so important for a small government contractor to establish a relationship with a trusted government contracts attorney?

Koprince: Government contracts law is unique, highly complex, and always-evolving.   And in some ways, it’s even tougher being a small government contractor because small businesses have to contend with laws and regulations—like the SBA’s small business rules—that don’t apply to the big boys.   Call me biased (because I am), but I think that trying to be your own government contracts lawyer is short-sighted and can put a contractor at serious risk of non-compliance.  When a company operates in a highly regulated industry like federal government contracting, targeted legal assistance is a must.  READ MORE….

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