Changes are Needed to the Buy Indian Act

Buy Indian Act: 105 Years (And Counting) Of Frustration

The Buy Indian Act regulations are finally in place.

Source: SmallGovCOn, Article written by Steven Kiprince, published August 12, 2015

In 1910, William Howard Taft lived in the White House, the Chicago Cubs were just two years removed from back-to-back World Series titles, and Arizona had yet to be admitted to the Union.  That summer, Congress passed the Buy Indian Act, a statute authorizing a special federal contracting program for Indian-owned businesses.

Since then, it has been mostly downhill.  It took the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) 103 years to issue regulations implementing the Act’s contracting preferences.  Now that the regulations are finally in place, the Buy Indian Act program is suffering from lack of effective oversight and implementation.  In fact, a recent GAO report found that the BIA and the Indian Health Service could not even clearly articulate whether Buy Indian Act set-aside contracts take priority over other set-asides.

If the Buy Indian Act is ever to live up to its potential, significant changes are needed.  MORE….

The Buy Indian Act still has some work for it to be effective.  Contact your nearest PTAC with your questions about the Buy Indian Act.

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