Changes Coming to DLA CAGE Codes

August 17, 2016

DLA set to expire CAGE codes

Source: Information Operations Strategic Communications, August 11, 2016Defense Logistics Agency

The Defense Logistics Agency is changing the way it manages Commercial and Government Entity codes by assigning an expiration date to all new or updated codes after August 25.

This is the first time in the 44 years since CAGE codes have been assigned that DLA will expire CAGE codes, and it will be accomplished in a phased approach, said Wyoma Smith, CAGE program manager in DLA Information Operations.

“Taking action to expire CAGE codes is a step in the right direction for data quality,” Smith said. “Requiring customers to renew their business information through an update to their CAGE record on a regular basis is good business for all.  Ultimately, the goal is to provide current and correct information to everyone using this data.”

In the first phase, expiration dates will only be applied to domestic U.S. CAGE codes that are new or updated after August 25, Smith said. Records used in verification transactions will have an expiration date set if the record is saved. Records that are associated with System for Award Management registration will have their expiration dates reset based on the date of an update or assignment of a CAGE code, Smith said. For example, if a customer renews their registration every year, their expiration date will reset every year. Or, if a customer renews an expired SAM registration, CAGE will pick up that data and reset the expiration date.

CAGE code expiration dates will be displayed in CAGE Search & Inquiry, the new search tool that launched in February as part of the new CAGE Public website. Downstream systems will receive the updated CAGE status code just like the systems do today.

Existing CAGE records will not be assigned an expiration date until a way forward is determined for Phase 2, Smith said. Phase 2 will require auto-generated email notifications to customers whose codes will have an expiration date assigned; these notifications will be modeled after the SAM notifications and customers will receive four separate notifications to take action. After Phase 1 is complete, a test set of old CAGE records will be expired to determine the effect on the system and plan how to handle the rest of the records, she said.

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