Cybersecurity Concerns for Small Business

January 8, 2016

Why Small-Business Entrepreneurs Should Care About Cybersecurity

Source: Entrepreneur, Matei Gavril, December 1, 2015

When hacking stories hit the headlines, they’re usually about large companies — organizations that have millions of users. These companies invest huge amounts of money in keeping data secure, so any breach is a serious issue.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs often neglect cybersecurity, because they assume it’s someone else’s problem, or their data is not worth stealing. But there are lots of reasons why cybersecurity should be priority number one for entrepreneurs.

It’s not good enough to pretend it doesn’t affect you, or claim your operations are too small. And just because you aren’t aware of a hack, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Check out this real-time hacking map to see the attacks that are happening right now.

A few years ago, small businesses didn’t know or care about hacking. The chance of an attack was rare, and a lot of data was stored on-premise, where security gateways were tightly controlled. Now, the average entrepreneur wouldn’t purchase a server — they’d store their data in the cloud or on mobile devices. The game has definitely changed, and hackers came to realize that micro-businesses are easy targets.  Read More …

Concerned about cybersecurity for your business?  Contact your nearest PTAC for guidance about cybersecurity.


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