DARPA Needs Input from Techies

March 17, 2016

U.S. seeks ideas from professionals to hobbyists on use of available technologies in terror attacks

Source: Computerworld, Patrick Thibodeau, March 15, 2016DARPA_logo

Uncle Sam wants your brain power, technical expertise and imagination to help defend the U.S. No enlistment required.

The Department of Defense says it needs to understand how everyday objects and available technologies can be used by terrorists.

The range of technologies is so vast that the military’s main scientific agency, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), says it needs input from as many technical people as possible.

The agency has put out an open call for anyone from a credentialed professional to “skilled hobbyist” in all technical areas, including IT.

DARPA, in its announcement, wants people to show it “how easily-accessed hardware, software, processes and methods might be used to create products or systems that could pose a future threat.”

This effort is being called “Improv” by DARPAREAD MORE….

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