DHS Seeks to Improve Industry Relationship

December 10, 2015

Why DHS causes more headaches for industry than any other agency

Source: Federal News Radio, Nicole Ogrysko, November 12, 2015

A culture of fear and lack of consistency at the Homeland Security Department are perpetuating a fractured relationship with some members of industry, who said they are less enthusiastic about working with DHS than they are with other federal agencies.

“The fact that people don’t want to do business with us is a big problem for me,” Russell Deyo, DHS undersecretary for management, said Nov. 9 at the Homeland Security and Defense Business Council’s DHS Enterprise symposium in Washington. “And I need to understand why and what we can do about it.”

Deyo, who spent nearly three decades at Johnson & Johnson, presented his four management priorities for the final year of the Obama administration before a group of industry executives.

But the conversation that followed quickly took a turn, when one member of industry suggested DHS approach its vendor relationship with more urgency.

Industry sees a noticeable difference in how DHS, as opposed to other agencies, work with contractors, Marc Pearl, president and CEO of the Homeland Security and Defense Business Council, told Federal News Radio. He said he isn’t suggesting DHS directly copy other agencies’ methods. But some — like the Defense and Health and Human Services departments, or NASA — bring industry into the mix well in advance to discuss a specific mission problem or strategic planning documents, not a particular contract.  Read More …

DHS management has four management priorities for the upcoming year.  Contact your nearest PTAC if your are interested in working with DHS in the future.


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