FedBizOpps Holds Some Useful Information for Federal Business Opportunities

June 14, 2016

FedBizOpps: Should It Get More Respect?

Source: Public Spend Forum, Guy Timberlake, May 26, 2016

This post by PSF contributor Guy Timberlake is excerpted from a piece previously published on his site. With the value of FedBizOpps an ongoing topic of discussion, we thought our readers would find Guy’s insights intriguing.

Marketing is a valuable tool that can do wonders to help an organization achieve its goals. For companies focused on selling goods and services to government agencies and other government contractors, creating targeted and robust awareness of why they matter and how they can help are critical.

There are times, however, when marketing is not a friend to government contractors. One of those times is when a company has achieved the “holy grail” of opportunity development: being in front of the opportunity and having connected the dots of information and relationships with the budget, need and authority dots. What would cause a company to consider marketing an adversarial activity in that situation? When the agency determines a need to “market” the opportunity to seek interest from other potential vendors. Let’s face it, if you’ve spent time and money developing the opportunity to include influencing the solution, pricing and acquisition strategy, you are not going to be a fan of letting others try and take a bite of that apple, right?  READ MORE….

Has your organization been ignoring FedBizOpps. Contact your nearest PTAC to learn more about this opportunity portal.


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