Paper Suggests Federal Procurement Process Reform

January 9, 2017

Clinton Campaign: We Would’ve Made Procurement Great Again

Source: Bloomberg BNA, Sam Skolnik, December 28, 2016

Why would the Hillary Clinton campaign’s final procurement policy paper be of interest these days? In part because a couple of the memo’s co-authors believe its ideas might appeal to the Donald Trump administration.

The Clinton campaign paper obtained be Bloomberg BNA, titled “Transforming Procurement,” was authored by a group of 13 acquisition experts, including several who worked in the Barack Obama and Bill Clinton administrations. The paper pitches ideas that would make the federal procurement process more efficient, transparent and open to creative thinking.

Two of the co-authors say the paper includes several government reform recommendations that might also interest Trump and his incoming acquisition team—and, by extension, federal contractors.

Paper co-author Nick Sinai, the former U.S. deputy chief technology officer under Obama, told Bloomberg BNA in an emailed statement that in fact, most of the Clinton campaign paper’s ideas could be of interest to the incoming Republican president.

“These are ideas that a Trump Transition can and should embrace—because they are still important and good for the American people,” he saidREAD MORE….

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