GSA Exceeded 2014 Subcategory Prime Contracting Goals

GSA Efforts to Boost Small Business Participation in Government Contracting Earn High Marks

Source: The GSA Blog, Article written by Jerome Fletcher, published June 29, 2015

GSA’s commitment to small business was recently recognized when our partners at the U.S. Small Business Administration graded GSA with an “A” for our work in Fiscal Year 2014 awarding a substantial portion of contracting dollars to small businesses. GSA awarded $1.5 billion to small business in Fiscal Year 2014.

GSA exceeded all of its subcategory prime contracting goals. To improve subcontracting performance, GSA increased visibility of the reporting progress across the agency by developing and implementing a dashboard to track ongoing subcontracting performance and target goals. This dashboard assisted GSA in exceeding its 25 percent small business subcontracting goal in Fiscal Year 2014.

GSA is committed to getting more small businesses involved in government contracting. An endeavor that not only brings innovative services to the government marketplace, but also helps grow jobs in our communities.

GSA relies heavily on small business participation in many of it contracting offerings. Currently, small businesses account for nearly half of GSA-funded contract dollars, 80 percent of all vendors on GSA Schedules, and 34 percent of all dollars awarded.

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