GAO rejects last GSA office supply bid protest, contract now operational

GAO rejects last OS3 bid protest, GSA contract back open for business

By Ryan McDermott    Fierce Government, December 9, 2014

The General Services Administration will be able to offer its third iteration of the office supplies strategic sourcing contract again after the last of its bid protests was denied Wednesday.

The Government Accountability Office denied on Dec. 3 Coast-to-Coast Computer Product’s bid protest, claiming it didn’t have merit.

That marks the sixth unsuccessful bid protest of the GSA OS3 contract from various vendors since GSA announced the 21 awards in August.

The GAO decision lifts the stay of performance on OS3 and GSA can now offer OS3 to federal agencies, a Dec. 4 GSA statement says.

The OS3 contacting vehicle is meant to save the federal government money on everyday office supplies like pens, paper and printing items by providing agencies with a list of vendors with already negotiated prices.

“In this critical time of reduced budgets, GSA is working diligently on strategic initiatives,” Federal Acquisition Service Commissioner Tom Sharpe said in the statement. “OS3 will help government save money while at the same time ensuring that we are maximizing small business opportunities.”

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