Important Trends and Issues in Government Procurement from New Survey

July 12, 2016

Onvia Survey Reveals Trends in Gov Spending

Source: Public Spend Forum, Jonathan Messinger, July 5, 2016

Business intelligence firm Onvia has released the results of its first annual survey of government procurement practitioners, polling more than 500 pros from city, count and state governments, as well as school districts across the US. For each insight gained through the survey, the report actually separates what each lesson means for both buyers and suppliers.

For instance, 42% of respondents said that on average, their requests for proposal (RFPs) don’t receive enough bidders. According to the report, a big reason for the lack of competition was “cumbersome” or difficult regulations that scare off potential bidders, and that the largest agencies face more trouble in this area. On the supplier side, the problem is often a market intelligence one:

“First of all, vendors have to find out about bids with enough lead time to respond, and secondly, the decision to respond requires collecting and weighing additional information about the opportunity to judge its merits and justify the marketing expense of that effort. As one vendor in the survey explained, ‘Our biggest issue is retrieving the bid and then researching to find out who won it before and what products had been awarded,’ said one food services vendor.”  READ MORE….

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