Is Your Business Prepared if There is a Government Shutdown

4 steps to prepare for the shutdown

The Federal Government may shut down this week.  Here are some steps needed to be prepared.

Source: Washington Technology, Published September 22, 2015

Hope springs eternal, yet reality is what ultimately counts. As we approach the end of the fiscal year, all of us hope that the powers that be on the Hill and in the White House can find their way toward at least a temporary agreement to fund the government.

The potential scenarios are many and range from a 90-day continuing resolution (probably the most optimistic of the scenarios), to a very brief, almost symbolic shutdown on Oct. 1, to a shorter term CR with another shutdown showdown in November, and on and on.  While those negotiations are well beyond any of our control, that does not mean that companies can afford to sit idly by. There are a number of immediate steps that should be taken to be prepared. MORE….

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