OMB signals shift in government purchasing strategies

OMB memo may forecast broader impact

With government contracting, it’s always important to be alert to coming changes so that you can position yourself to be successful in the future..

Source: Federal Times, Aaron Boyd, October 21, 2015

The Office of Management and Budget(OMB) released a set of directives on Oct. 16 fine tuning the way agencies buy laptop and desktop computers. While the directives focus solely on specific computer hardware, the move signals what could be a sea change in the way the federal government purchases commodity IT and other products.

Of the three new directives in the Oct. 16 memo, the first is perhaps the most significant: a prohibition on issuing new contracts for laptops and desktops with a mandate to use one of two governmentwide acquisition contracts or IT Schedule 70.

“Make no mistake: the future of federal procurement will be to Act as One,” said Kay Ely, director of Schedule 70. “As OMB indicates, we currently buy like thousands of small businesses making smaller awards for the same IT products instead of functioning as the world’s largest buyer to negotiate better prices and terms.”.   Read More …

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