Outstanding Project Award Announced at APTAC Annual Meeting

May 12, 2016

Iowa PTAC Receives 2016 Outstanding Project Award

Source: APTAC, May 10, 2016Pam Russenberger and Chuck Spence

The Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (APTAC) presented its 2016 Outstanding Project Award to the Iowa Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) for their development of an extensive statewide training program for small businesses interested in government contracting.

In 2015, the Iowa PTAP recognized the need to have standard training available to all companies in the state, to eliminate the need to travel long distances to access an event not offered locally.  A team was tasked with developing a training roadmap to ensure consistency across the state, leverage existing courses and develop new training where needed, have a clear input/ output structure, and leverage multiple mediums.  The plan was completed in December 2015 and launched in January 2016.

Iowa’s statewide training program offers workshops in a variety of formats, including in-person, live webinar and on-demand presentation, with elements that are valuable for all industries and experience levels.  Each face-to-face training session is offered at least quarterly in one of the PTAC’s four territories, allowing business representatives to access the training close to home or travel to attend it at other locations as their schedule dictates.  Each of Iowa’s procurement specialists has experience in all offered courses and can deliver the material via one-on-one counseling as needed.

The training program consists of at least 74 different participated events throughout the year, with the possibility of additional courses to be developed and presented as needed by clients.  It is organized into five general categories, including: Getting Started, Finding/Understanding Opportunities, Market Research, Contracts/Compliance/Culture, and Vendor Networking Events.  A PTAP training website includes a visual depiction of their roadmap and upcoming event dates.

APTAC’s Outstanding Project Award recognizes an accomplishment that stands out from the usual activities that all PTACs organize and undertake.  The award is given to projects that benefit all APTAC members and/or serve as a model for other PTACs to emulate.  This thorough, thoughtful, systematic approach to providing small business training developed by the Iowa PTAC represents just such an accomplishment.

APTAC is the professional organization of and for the 97 Procurement Technical Assistance Centers awarded under the Department of Defense’s Procurement Technical Assistance Program.  APTAC supports the PTACs by providing them important information, professional networking, comprehensive training opportunities and a voice in national government contracting assistance and policy arenas.

The Iowa PTAP is managed by the Iowa State University’s Center for Industrial Research and Service and serves small businesses across the state of Iowa, providing assistance to businesses in marketing products and services to the Federal, state and local governments. These services are offered at no cost or at a nominal cost.

For More Information, contact:
Pam Russenberger, Iowa PTAC: plrussen@iastate.edu
website: www.ciras.iastate.edu/procurement/
APTAC Headquarters at communication@aptac-us.org
website:  www.aptac-us.org

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