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January 21, 2016

Continued Success can be Attributed to Expansion, and Industry Diversification

Source: PTAC of Delaware, Juanita Beauford, January 15, 2016

BATTA has utilized the resources provided by the PTAC since 2000. Since then, BATTA has seen a tremendous gain in number and volume of government contracts. Now, government contracting consists of approximately 40% of BATTA’s annual revenue. BATTA has accomplished this feat by attending the numerous workshops provided by the PTAC. These workshops have taught our internal team to successfully leverage our resources, and the resources of the PTAC to create a more marketable business, overall. Their counselors even helps review marketing materials and company literature. Through these initiatives, BATTA is able to better respond to RFPs, RFQs, and Sources Sought notices by utilizing personal core competencies and strengths.

PTAC has assisted with contracts being awarded.  We utilize the bid-match service to find applicable procurement opportunities that we go after.  The bid-match is invaluable since 2015_Neeraj_Naresh_200pxit delivers tailor-made search results for us to look at and minimizes the need to do large searches on FBO.  PTAC has also helped us find and identify OSDBU contacts at many Federal Agencies and have provided us with reports on Federal Agency expenditures by our NAICS. Over the years we have also received services such as GSA Schedule review 2005 and was awarded, assistance with SAM registration updates and solicitation reviews.

Flashback to 1981, young entrepreneur Naresh Batta started BATTA Environmental Associates as a small consulting firm in Newark, DE. The one room, one man consulting firm 1984_250pxprovided asbestos and mold testing services to clients in the local community. Since then, with the help of his family and loyal employees, Naresh has grown his organization into a fast-paced, innovative, and diversified organization.

In 1988 BATTA Environmental Associates relocated to their current location in Delaware Industrial Park, Newark, DE. The company brought on new employees, including Naresh’s wife Neelam, in order to handle the growing workload. In 2000 BATTA joined the PTAC and began utilizing the many services that the agency provides. Soon after, in 2004, Neeraj, Naresh’s son, joined the organization to provide environmental engineering services to both current and new clients. BATTA Environmental, along with partner company BATTA Laboratories was in a position to provide comprehensive environmental solutions to clients of all size and geographical location.

The firm continued to provide environmental engineering, consulting and laboratory testing for the next 10 years. In 2014 the BATTA group added one more piece to the puzzle: environmental health and safety training courses. EHS Institute strives to make sure that workers in various industries have the certifications and overall knowledge necessary to maintain safe working environments at all time. This trifecta of BATTA brands has become a prime resource for clients all over the northeastern United States, and is even gaining interest by firms in the global market.

BATTA’s latest addition to the environmental consulting wheelhouse is their involvement in Brownfield projects. A brownfield is conducted when a plot of land has been contaminated by hazardous chemicals, and deemed unsafe by the EPA. The site requires a comprehensive investigation and remediation in order to effectively return the land to safe conditions. These plots of land, many of which are eyesores and dangers to the community, is then able to be utilized for new construction or even public use. Neeraj has led this Brownfield initiative in order to grow the business and simultaneously help the local community. In recent years BATTA has been involved in an increasing number of these Brownfield Redevelopments, including one in downtown Wilmington, where there is to be affordable housing built in the place of an abandoned factory.

BATTA Environmental has received several DuPont Safety awards and multiple recommendations from various clients including Delaware Department of Transportation. BATTA’s list of clients and partnerships continues to grow due to the value that the team brings to every project or venture. They have accomplished this due to expert staff and their ability to diversify their services. BATTA houses a culture of expertise in a wide range of professional trades.

Most recently, BATTA has begun yet another exciting business venture, in environmental filters. BATTA is helping to bring a revolutionary oil/water separator to market in the United2015_200px States. The filter uses a naturally growing peat moss to absorb the petroleum or heavy metals, and expel any water. It is a new technology that was developed in Sweden, and is being adopted throughout environmentally conscious nations around the globe. It has countless industrial applications as well as being a fantastic oil-spillage clean up agent. BATTA recognized the benefits behind this cost effective environmentally friendly solution to petroleum spillage and filtration, and is currently in the process of making this product readily available for use in the United States.

About BATTA Environmental

BATTA Environmental Associates is a minority-owned, small disadvantaged business enterprise with locations in Newark, DE, Philadelphia, PA, and Baltimore Maryland. The company was founded in 1982 by Naresh C. Batta, and is now a growing family run business that caters to a vast list of clients. BATTA provides environmental engineering, consulting, laboratory testing, and training services, as well as oil filtration and remediation/clean up products.

About PTAC

Congress created the Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) in 1985 to help business seeking to compete successfully in federal, state and local government contracting. Funded through cooperative agreements between the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), state and local entities, PTACs provide a range of expert services at little or no charge. Established in 1999, Delaware PTAC is one of 97 programs in the United States, operating in more than 300 locations.

PTAC Director Juanita Beauford is a past president of the nationwide Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (APTAC). She now holds the position of Treasurer for the Association.  Her duties still included attending Leadership meetings, carrying out the policies and programs of APTAC and serving on special committees.
The Delaware Small Business Development Center (DSBDC) and PTAC are units of the Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships (OEIP) at the University of Delaware. Since its formation in 2008 under the direction of former DuPont Vice President for Research and Development David Weir, OEIP has worked with the state, Delaware Technology Park and numerous researchers and companies in creating a culture where innovation and entrepreneurship can thrive in Delaware.

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