Government Contracts and Spending at Federal Agencies Analyzed in New Report

January 31, 2017

Analysis: Who’s at risk from Trump’s priorities?

Source: Washington Technology, WT Business Beat, Nick Wakeman, January 30 , 2017

For the Trump administration to make good on its campaign pledges to radically reform the government, agencies will have to reprogram dollars from some current programs.

It was with that premise that the data analytics firm Govini launched an analysis of government contracts and spending at 19 federal agencies.

In a new report, Trump’s Swamp, the company looks at potential reprogramming at federal agencies and which agencies – and hence contractors – can turn the quickest to meet the priorities of the new administration.

Govini determined what it calls “reprogramming potential” by looking at available spending and contracting competitiveness. Govini’s premise is that an agency’s ability to fulfill its mission and the priorities of the president is related to its ability to purchase goods and services that can put Trump policies into action.

The exposure for contractors is greatest where agencies both have a large number of contracts that expire in 2017 and also a deep pool of contractors. READ MORE….

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