Sources Sought Notices have Quadrupled since 2004

Sources Sought Notices are on the Rise

Sources Sought or a solicitation of interest are steadling increasing.  This is a great way for small business to get its foot in the door.
Source: Set-Aside Alert, Article written by Alice Lipowics, published June 12, 2015
The number of federal agency Sources Sought Notices for small businesses appears to have increased dramatically in recent years.
Sources Sought notices for small businesses referenced on the Federal Business Opportunities website rose to 2,610 in fiscal 2014, more than quadruple the 565 counted in fiscal 2004, according to an analysis by Set-Aside Alert.
That is good news for small business owners, because they are often advised to search for, and respond to, Sources Sought Notices that match their capabilities in order to get a foot in the door early in the process as opportunities are developing. MORE…
The administration met its small business procurement goal in fiscal 2013.  Expect Sources Sought Notices to continue.  Contact your nearest PTAC to learn more about these notices and how they can help your business.


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