Teaming 2.0 is the future of contractor teaming

Make your teaming strategy central to your capture process

The questions thrown about the conference rooms and offices of government contractors around the Beltway and across the country are the same: What’s our proposal strategy? Our pricing strategy? What’s our staffing plan?

These are the critical questions that small and large contractors should be asking themselves before the solicitation is even issued. Thinking about these questions before the solicitation is issued is the hallmark of effective capture and increases the company’s probability of winning the work.

But there’s one question that receives far too little attention given its complexity and centrality to business strategy for those in the government contracting market:

What’s our teaming strategy?

Putting together a compelling proposal at the right price point with the best staff is an important part of the recipe of winning–and successfully executing–government work. But there are professionals who have mastered these activities–proposal writing, pricing-to-win analysis, and human capital management.

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Source: Washington Technology, Article written by Tom Skypek, published on May 27, 2015


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