VA’s Verification for Veteran-owned businesses extended to three years

March 15, 2017

Effective March 21, automatic extension to be applied to CVE’s Veteran-owned firms

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has changed the verification eligibility for the Veterans First Contracting Program from a 24 month period to a 36 month period.  Participants must now submit a re-verification application only every three (3) years to continue eligibility.

As a result of this change, effective March 21, 2017 all currently verified participants will receive an automatic one (1) year extension on their current eligibility period, beginning on the date of expiration.  This change will be reflected in the firm’s VIP profile, but updated approval letters will not be sent.

Those companies currently in the re-verification process that have already been assigned a Case Analyst may either: 1) continue with the re-verification process and, if approved, receive a new verification term of three years from the new approval date, or 2) withdraw the application and receive an automatic one year extension of their current verification period, beginning on the date of expiration.

For anyone who has submitted an application for re-verification but has not yet been assigned a Case Analyst, the CVE will administratively remove the application and issue an automatic one year extension of the current verification period, beginning on the date of expiration.  For all verified companies that expire prior to March 21, 2017, the CVE will continue processing their open re-verification applications.

The one year extension will not be retroactively applied to expired firms.  If the firm has expired and not yet applied for re-verification, a new application must be submitted as normal.

All applications approved on or after March 21, 2017 will carry a three year period of eligibility.


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