Your Business is Starting to Grow, Now What?

May 17, 2016

The mid-tier paradox: too small to compete, too large to survive

Source: Bloomberg Government, Tonya Sanders, May 13, 2016

Many “small” businesses listed in Federal Procurement Data Systems find themselves in a paradox—they’re at once too small to compete with large contractors, but also too large to benefit from small business set-asides. These growing firms have achieved what every small business owner hopes for—start small, gain market traction and grow. But when a firm graduates from the benefits of small business set-asides, they enter the “mid-tier”—a murky limbo that can leave them vulnerable and, potentially, unable to compete.

The government should, as a matter of policy, continue to support and foster the growth of firms that enter the mid-tier. Research suggests maturing small businesses produce more jobs than established companies or startups. But today, these mid-tier firms have nowhere to “grow” in the federal marketplace. It’s a double edged sword that’s not good for the economy or the federal agencies that rely on relationships with maturing small businesses.

Size Does Matter…

When it comes to professional services, mid-tier contractors simply cannot compete with the large contractors that dominate the space. Larger firms have several competitive advantages that make true competition between mid-tier firms and the largest firms illusory.  READ MORE….

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