bid protests

Filing Size Protest with Right Person is Key

June 3, 2016 SBA Size Protests: File With Contracting Officer, Not OHA Source: SmallGovCon, Steven Koprince, May 16, 2016 The SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals is an appellate forum and lacks jurisdiction to hear initial size protests. As explained … Continued

GAO Bid Protest Report of 2015 Analysis

March 23, 2016 The Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report Exposes Most Prevalent Grounds for Winning Protests Source: Centre Law & Consulting, Wojciech Kornacki, March 3, 2016 Recently, the GAO has released its annual Bid Protest Report for 2015. In this … Continued

Additional Requirement for a Bid Protest

March 22, 2016 Competitive Prejudice Source: FAR Consulting & Training, Richard D. Lieberman, March 13, 2016 In order to win a bid protest, it isn’t enough for a protester to show that an agency has made an error (violation of … Continued

The Rule of Two to small business procurements explained

March 1, 2016 GAO: Rule of Two Not Satisfied Where Businesses Do Not Manufacture Products Source: SmallGovCon, Matthew Schoonover, February 16, 2016 Where an agency buys manufactured goods, the FAR’s Rule of Two is satisfied when two or small business manufacturers … Continued

Responses to Requests for Quotations are not Offers

December 8, 2015 The RFQ mistake Listen to Richard Lieberman discuss “The RFQ mistake” on Federal News Radio.  He explains one scenario that recently happened to a contractor. Source: Federal News Radio, Richard Lieberman, October 14, 2015 While the use … Continued

GSA Sources Sought for possible set-aside

Sources Sought for full building maintenance services – Responses due September 14th. The following sources sought notice was released by GSA.  If they receive sufficient responses, this valuable procurement for Full Maintenance performance based services at multiple federal buildings and … Continued

APTAC Releases Call for Presentations for Spring 2016 Conference

Conference Theme: “The Only Constant in Government Contracting Is Change” The Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (APTAC) has released the Call for Presentations for its Spring 2016 Training Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. The theme? “The Only Constant in … Continued