Requesting APTAC Training Credits – Revised

Before you begin- Check our Approved Training List!


Download Training Request Template
Download our List of Training previously submitted and approved by other members


  • If your Training is already on the list, simply send documentation (certificate, etc.)* of completion to  No further action is required.
  • NCMA, DAU and FAI training not already on the list need only be submitted for approval if you are pursuing CPP certification.  If you are NOT pursuing new certification, but simply seeking re-certification credits, you may send your documentation of completion (certificate, etc.) to


Requesting Approval For Training

  • What Training is Eligible for Credit?  Training which supports your ability to perform under the SCAA, as outlined by APTAC’s Body of Knowledge.
  • What Training would NOT be Eligible? Examples of training topics that will not be approved include:
    • NEW! Beginning January 1, 2021, training older than 90 days
    • Training that the PTAC provides for clients
    • New member type program information
    • PTAC strategic planning or internal program matters
    • Quick Books
    • SBA loan processing
    • Internal PTAC processes
    • Website development
  • What Sources are Acceptable? The instructor must have a title and position demonstrating his/her primary expertise in or responsibility for government acquisition, advocacy for small business, or management of a PTAC.  Examples could include a representative of a government agency, prime contractor, or an experienced procurement professional.  PTAC personnel qualify as trainers when conducting formal training at an APTAC national conferences or at approved training events.


Steps to Take


Download Training LIst button

Download our Documentation Template


  • Fill out the template, providing the information requested either in the boxes provided or attached as additional pages.
  • For Conferences and multi-session events, please provide detailed agenda and note the relevant BOK topic for each session. If it is a hard-copy, you may notate it, scan it, and attach as additional pages to the template.
  • Save the material in a single .pdf document.  You will be asked to upload this document when you submit your request.


After you’ve submitted

  • The ATC Approval Committee will review your request within 21 days.
  • All relevant training other than APTAC national training is assigned credit at the rate of 2 hours training = 1 ATC.
  • A primary BOK topic will be designated for your training.  This may be used to fulfill CPP Certification requirements
  • You will be notified by email if more information is needed as well as the final approval or denial of your request for ATCs.  In the case of a denial, an explanation will be provided.



I understand these guidelines and am ready to submit a Training Credit approval request.

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