Find a Procurement Technical Assistance Center

More than 300 local PTAC offices serve most areas of the country.   If there is not a PTAC office that serves your specific area area, contact one that is nearest to you, and they may be able to help you. Most PTACs can also provide assistance via phone, e-mail, and webcall in cases where distance presents a challenge.

Arizona PTAC/Glendale Community College

Statewide PTAC
6000 W. Olive Ave.
Buildinig I-2, Room 105
Glendale, AZ 85302
(623) 845-4700
Daniel Ayala
Program Manager
Phone: (623) 845-4703
Nora Plonsky
Phone: (623) 845-4700
Lori Haozous
Procurement Specialist
Phone: (623) 845-4701
Janice Washington
Phone: (480) 731-8720
Mesa Community College - Downtown Campus
105 North Centennial Way, Room 209
Mesa, AZ 85201
(480) 461-6125
Narendra Desai
Procurement Specialist
AZPTAC - Phoenix
108 N. 40th Street, South Building
Phoenix, AZ
(480) 784-0586
AZPTAC - Sierra Vista
Sierra Vista Economic Development Foundation
750 E. Barlow Drive, Suite 5
Sierra Vista, AZ 85365
Robert Mucci
Procurement Specialist
Phone: (520) 985-9180
AZPTAC - Tucson
Business Development Finance Corporation
335 North Wilmot Road, Suite 420
Tucson, AZ 85711
(520) 623-0595
James Vickers
Procurement Specialist
Phone: (520) 623-0595
Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation
899 East Plaza Circle, Suite 2
Yuma, AZ 85365
(920) 782-7774

American Indian Chamber Education Fund PTAC


American Indian PTAC

American Indian Chamber Education Fund PTAC Subcenter
3200 North Dobson Road, Building C
Suite 110
Chandler, AZ
(480) 699-9529
Annette Wakolee
Procurement Specialist
Email Address:

The National Center American Indian PTAC

Southwest, Navajo, and Eastern BIA Regions.

American Indian PTAC

The National Center American Indian PTAC - Arizona
Navajo Nation in AZ, NM & UT
P. O. Box 663
Hwy 264, 100 Taylor Rd
St Michaels, AZ 86511
Window Rock, AZ 86515
(928) 871-7377
Joan Notah
Procurement Counselor
Phone: (480) 371-8373
Email Address: