A Better Way to Purchase IT?

December 24, 2015

Tech industry offers six ways for feds to buy better IT

Source: fedscoop, Greg Otto, December 10, 2015

Four tech business groups want to add new ways for the government to be flexible and collaborative when it comes to buying IT.

A group of public and private sector technology councils are suggesting ways the federal government could get better at buying IT.

A white paper published this week highlights six areas where the government can modernize or update the way in which it purchases services and technologies from private companies, crafting a number of ways feds could amend acquisition regulations.

“Our collective goal is to enable the government to reach, directly or indirectly, the full array of capabilities and solutions that exist in the private sector to deliver effective mission results,” the paper reads.

The paper also calls for best value/cost-technical tradeoff to be the default evaluation technique used for services acquisitions except for the most basic, commoditized requirements, as well as to include “an alternative solution or strategy” that differs from RFP requirements as long as the solution meets the contract’s desired outcome.  Read More …

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