bid protests

Bid Protests Explained

September 8, 2017 5 Things You Should Know: Bid Protests SmallGovCon, Matthew Schoonover, August 17, 2017 You’ve poured precious time and resources into a proposal, only to lose out on the award. Making matters worse, the agency’s explanation of the … Continued

Work Done Outside of Contract Scope May Go Uncompensated

August 17, 2017 CORs Weren’t Authorized To Order Additional Work–So Contractor Goes Unpaid Source: SmallGovCon, Candace Shields, July 14, 2017 A contractor’s performance of extra work outside the scope of the contract may go uncompensated if a contractor does not … Continued

GSA Contracts Focusing on Value with Fair and Reasonable Pricing

June 8, 2017 GSA’s Massive Telecom Contract Could Come Soon Source: Nextgov, Frank Konkel, June 2, 2017 The company with the last bid protest on General Services Administration’s long-delayed $50 billion Enterprise Infrastructure Solution contract folded its cards. Arkansas-based Windstream … Continued

Past Performance Questionnaire one way of Providing References

March 29, 2017 Government References Didn’t Complete PPQs? “Too Bad,” Says GAO Source: SmallGovCon, Candace Shields, March 21, 2017 Federal contractors frequently find themselves in the position of needing to establish their past performance credentials to secure future contracts – … Continued

Understanding an RFP’s Evaluation Scheme is Important

March 2, 2017 How To Approach Best Value RFPs And Protest Improper Award Decisions Source: Mondaq, Fox Rothschild LLP, Nicholas T. Solosky, January 27, 2017 Government contractors responding to RFPs understand the need to read the fine print. Mostly commonly, … Continued

SBA’s Size Rules Determined on a Case-by-Case Basis

February 28, 2017 SBA OHA: “Manufacturer” Need Not Create Most Expensive Component Source: SmallGovCon, Matthew Moriarty, February 28, 2017 The SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals reaffirmed recently that a business need not manufacture the most expensive component of an … Continued

Identity of Interest Affiliation Explained

February 27, 2017 Keep an Eye Out for Identity of Interest Affiliation Source: JD Supra Business Advisor, PM Legal Minute, Julia Di Vito, February 17, 2017 Anyone who does business with a small business government contractor will always want to … Continued

Four Key Factors Determine Prime and Subcontractor Affiliations

February 24, 2017 Ostensible Subcontractor Rule: SBA OHA Confirms “Four Key Factors” To Avoid Source: SmallGovCon, Steven Koprince, February 14, 2017 In determining whether a prime contractor and subcontractor are affiliated under the ostensible subcontractor rule, the SBA is supposed … Continued

Foreign Owned Subsidiary May Qualify as Small Business

February 10, 2017 SBA OHA: Foreign Subsidiary Was “Small Business” Source: SmallGovCon, Matthew Schoonover, February 8, 2017 When many people think of small business federal contractors, they probably picture a local business and not a subsidiary of a foreign entity. … Continued