Bloomberg Report Examines Trends Across Federal Sectors

September 21, 2017

Despite procurement concerns, vendors made out well in 2016

Federal News Radio, Jason Miller, September 5, 2017

Federal procurement spending is up. The number of mergers and acquisitions are skyrocketing. And overall, despite worries about the transition to a new administration, the continued inability of Congress to pass appropriations bills on time and what, many said, was an unfriendly environment for federal contractors, fiscal 2016 was a pretty darn good year for vendors.

Bloomberg Government found agencies spent $477.8 billion on acquisitions in 2016, up from $441.6 billion in 2015—a $36.2 billion increase (8 percent).

Bloomberg Government released its sixth annual Top 200 contractors Aug. 23 along with data on trends across the federal sector.

“Overall we saw a lot of positive areas for contractors in terms of growth in these markets,” said Daniel Snyder, deputy director of BGov’s Government Contracts Research, during a webinar on Aug. 29. “About one-third of overall categories were in the plus this year, and then in terms of companies, about 121 companies improved their rankings, they are followed by 64 who did a little worse than the year before and 14 remained just about the same and maintained their position. READ MORE….

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