Contingency Contracting Officer Cadre to Respond to Emergencies

DLA working to create contracting officers ready for rapid deployment

Source: DVIDS, By Kathleen Rhem, Defense Logistics Agency, published February 24, 2015
FORT BELVOIR, Va. – Defense Logistics Agency organizations are working together to create a pool of contingency contracting officers who are ready to deploy on short notice.
Officials in the Joint Contingency Acquisition Support Office, part of DLA Logistics Operations, are working with DLA Human Resources Services to build a standing Contingency Contracting Officer Cadre. They are seeking agency employees who are qualified in series 1102, contracting, and are in the GS-12, -13 and -14 pay grades to volunteer for consideration as a member of the cadre.
“In this role, you would serve as a Contract Specialist supporting disaster or contingency operations,” wrote Brianna Walker, a lead human resources specialist in DLA Human Resources Services, in a memo seeking qualified volunteers from the target workforce.

“This is not only an opportunity to make a difference in supporting our customers in theater, but also a rare professional and leadership development opportunity for aspiring leaders in the agency,” she continued.

Walker said that contingency contracting deployments can be physically and mentally demanding, but also rewarding professional experiences. Potential deployers will receive necessary training and equipment before any missions, she added.  More….


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