OMB Proposes Guidelines to Secure Data

Pentagon Unveils New Rules Requiring Contractors To Disclose Data Breaches

IT security is very important for small business.  OMB is proposing new guidelines for data security.

Source: NextGov, Article written by Aliya Sternstein, published August 26, 2015

New sweeping defense contractor rules on hack notifications take effect today, adding to a flurry of Pentagon IT security policies issued in recent years.

Just this month, the Office of Management and Budget proposed guidelines to homogenize the way vendors secure data governmentwide. The Defense Department had already released three other policies that dictate how military vendors are supposed to handle sensitive IT.

Now, industry, which is already concerned about overlapping and burdensome cyber rules, worries the Pentagon will go back and retroactively change contracts, after the White House draft is finalized.  MORE….

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