Small Businesses Gain Access to DoD Through the Mentor/Protégé Program

Mentor/Protégé Program: A way into the world of defense

Are you a small business looking to work with the Department of Defense?  The Mentor/Protege program may be that ticket.
Source: Redstone Alabama, Article written by Hollie Thrasher, published August 12, 2015
Walking through the Space and Missile Defense Symposium you will see big defense contractors everywhere you turn but even more populous are the small business booths.
The symposium is a fantastic networking opportunity for smaller businesses hoping to make waves in the world of defense and one program in particular can even more helpful. It is called the mentor/protégé program and many large defense contractors participate in it, one of those companies if Northrop Grumman.
“We rely very heavily on the small businesses and the capabilities that they bring,” explained Dan Verwiel, Northrop Grumman’s VP and GM for the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Division. MORE…
If your company is already somewhat active, the Mentor/Protégé program may just be for you.  Contact your nearest PTAC to learn more about the Mentor/Protégé Program and how it may help your business.


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