Cost Realism Evaluations Can Be Complicated

October 25, 2016 Cost Realism: Using Offeror’s Actual Rates Was Unobjectionable Source: SmallGovCon, Matthew Schoonover, October 12, 2016 In conducting a cost realism evaluation, an agency was entitled to use an offeror’s historic approved indirect rates and current incumbent direct … Continued

Offeror’s Need to Adhere to Solicitation Requirements

October 17, 2016 Insufficient Experience Information Sinks Offeror’s Proposal Source: SmallGovCon, Candace Shields, September 28, 2016 An offeror’s failure to provide the type of past performance information mandated by a solicitation led to the offeror’s elimination from consideration for a  … Continued

Check Each Proposal Before Hitting Send

August 25, 2016 Proposal Prep Tips – Don’t Play Hide-and-Seek with Technical Details Source: Fox Rothschild LLP, The Federal Government Contracts & Procurement Blog, Nicholas T. Solosky, August 3, 2016 Contractors that want to improve their proposal drafting skills (and … Continued

Agencies had Improperly Used Bridge Contracts

April 4, 2016 Army Improperly Extended Contracts, GAO Says Source: SmallGovCon, Steven Koprince, February 4, 2016 The Army improperly used FAR 52.217-8 (Option to Extend Services) to extend several contracts for periods much longer than the six-month maximum allowed by the … Continued

The Rule of Two to small business procurements explained

March 1, 2016 GAO: Rule of Two Not Satisfied Where Businesses Do Not Manufacture Products Source: SmallGovCon, Matthew Schoonover, February 16, 2016 Where an agency buys manufactured goods, the FAR’s Rule of Two is satisfied when two or small business manufacturers … Continued

GAO Raises Issues with Bridge Contracts

November 1, 2015 ‘Bridge Contracts’ Risk Overpayments Source: Government Executive, Charles S. Clark, October 15, 2015 Temporary extensions of contracts without competitive bids, a common practice at many large agencies, may waste money and misallocate staff time if the government … Continued