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SAM Registration Waived for Some Hurricane Contractors

PTACs can help obtain expedited CAGE codes September 12, 2017 – Due to the emergency situation caused by the hurricanes, some contracting offices are using authority to waive the requirement for SAM registration per FAR 4.1102(a)(3)(iii) and part 18.102 in … Continued

Guidance Preparing for and Responding to Disasters

September 11, 2017 September is National Preparedness Month SBA, September 10, 2017 Preparing your business for a disaster is much more than mapping out a fire escape route. There are many considerations to meet the unique challenges of natural disasters, … Continued

Bid Protests Explained

September 8, 2017 5 Things You Should Know: Bid Protests SmallGovCon, Matthew Schoonover, August 17, 2017 You’ve poured precious time and resources into a proposal, only to lose out on the award. Making matters worse, the agency’s explanation of the … Continued

New Defense Bill Opens the Door for Online Retailers

September 8, 2017 Defense bill would privatize the way the federal government buys everyday staples The Washington Post, Aaron Gregg, September 3, 2017 New legislation working its way through Congress could significantly alter the way commercial companies sell everyday products … Continued

Special Emergency Procurement Authorities Announced by GSA

September 7, 2017 GSA Announces Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and special emergency procurement authorities, September 1, 2017 GSA Senior Procurement Executive signed memo raising certain minimum thresholds to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts WASHINGTON, D.C. – The General Services … Continued

Acquisition Trends from FY2017 Examined

September 7, 2017 Top 10 acquisition trends of FY17 Federal Times, Michael Fischetti, August 25, 2017 As the final push for fiscal 2017 contract obligations comes to an end, it’s helpful to take a step back and assess the contracting … Continued

Disaster Response Registry in SAM

GSA reminds contractors about this important contracting platform The US General Services Adminstration (GSA) reminds all contractors that when national emergencies or disasters such as floods and hurricanes occur, supplies and services need to be procured and rushed to the … Continued

Work Done Outside of Contract Scope May Go Uncompensated

August 17, 2017 CORs Weren’t Authorized To Order Additional Work–So Contractor Goes Unpaid Source: SmallGovCon, Candace Shields, July 14, 2017 A contractor’s performance of extra work outside the scope of the contract may go uncompensated if a contractor does not … Continued