Defense (DoD)

New Acquisition Framework is Being Developed

October 21, 2016 Cutting through the Red Tape to Faster, Smarter Acquisition Source: GovTechWorks, Tobias Naegele, October 12, 2016 The fundamental mismatch between the speed of acquisition and the speed of government is an endless topic of conversation among government … Continued

DoD Falls Short of Goal for Competitive Bid Contracts

September 20, 2016 Pentagon’s Contract-Spending Problem Source: Nextgov, Frank Konkel, August 24, 2016 The Defense Department continues to spend more than half its contracting dollars without legitimate competition between vendors, according to its Office of Procurement and Acquisition Policy. A … Continued

Changes Coming to DLA CAGE Codes

August 17, 2016 DLA set to expire CAGE codes Source: Information Operations Strategic Communications, August 11, 2016 The Defense Logistics Agency is changing the way it manages Commercial and Government Entity codes by assigning an expiration date to all new … Continued

New and Improved FedMall to be Introduced

July 26, 2016 FedMall Town Hall Meeting – August 17, 2016 Source: FEDBIZOPPS.GOV, July 21, 2016 Solicitation Number: DPAP-Notice-2016-07-21 Notice Type: Special Notice Synopsis: FedMall Town Hall Meeting – August 17, 2016 The Department of Defense Electronic Mall (DOD EMALL) … Continued

DCAA Audit Shows Errors in Contract Records

June 20, 2016 Pentagon Clerks Entered Wrong Data for Post-Contract Audits Much of the Time Source: Government Executive, Charles S. Clark, May 19, 2016 The Defense Department’s contract audit follow-up records contained inaccurate data in as many as 100 of … Continued

“The Focus Today is on Contractor Responsibility”

May 18, 2016 Defense Business: These Are Nervous Times for Contractors Source: National Defense, Sandra I. Erwin, May 9, 2016 Speaking to a room of government contractors recently, defense officials insisted that there is no witch-hunt. Contrary to industry perception, … Continued